6 Tools Professionals Use to Craft Perfect Headlines [template]

2.6 seconds. That’s all you get to attract and keep attention on your online content. Can you believe that? That's as long as the average coin toss. The speed at which a 4-year-old can eat an entire sleeve of Oreos. The drive time until *someone* has to stop for a potty break. 

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The Problem With Editorial Calendars

There are a *ton* of resources online for planning and producing content. There’s one from HubSpot. One from CMI. Even a few from digital marketers. (This one is the most beautiful!)

But they are all geared towards companies with more than one employee. 

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Inside the Content Strategy and Planning Guide

As a soloprenuer or small business professional who is alone in strategizing, creating, editing, publishing and promoting content, content marketing can feel excruciatingly overwhelming.

But it really doesn’t have to be. You just have to embrace a system that resonates with you.

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Hack Your Social Media Scheduling In A Zap

Heck YES! I've found the best hack that totally LEVELS UP my Content Strategy and Planning Guide. 

The way I've always used spreadsheets like the one I shared with you, is to write out my tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts inside the spreadsheet, then copy and paste the data into Buffer. It worked fine, but it took a lot of time to copy and paste back and forth to get everything in Buffer. 

BUT today, I was alerted to a way to automate this entire process...using a tool that I already was using!

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Why you need to start creating content as a soloprenuer. Right Now.

Creating content is hard. 

You still need to do it.

Words are incredibly powerful. And as a professional copywriter, I spend my days immersed in the power of words as tools to invoke emotion, reaction, and action.

With this great power comes a great challenge. I hear over and over how HARD it is to write content for your own business. And boy, do I agree. It is hard. Really hard.

But it is equally important. ...

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